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ProVerde Laboratories, Inc.

Certificate ID: 12887 - Lot 09282016
Client Sample ID: CBD Thera Oct 2016
Matrix: Tincture - Grape Seed Oil
Date Received: 10/20/2016
Test Date: 10/21/2016
This test method was performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. These results relate only to the test article listed in this report. Reports may not be reproduced except in their entirety.
Max THC (and Max CBD) are calculated values for total cannabinoids after heating, assuming complete decarboxylation of the acid to the neutral form. It is calculated based on the weight loss of the acid group during decarboxylation: Max THC = (0.877 x THCA) + THC. Calculated concentration of mg/bottle based on a reported density of 0.92g/mL.

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